Friday, December 21

我回来了! o(≧v≦)o~


是时候更新更新啦 ~\(≧▽≦)/~
先换个新的背景吧 ↖(^ω^)↗

Monday, July 2

Story[Xing & Kann]


School day again, Xing saw Kann at assembly again. What is his action? Guess what?! He come more in front to her again, She felt nervous when starring at him. They bumo into each other two times today, first time is after assembly, second time is at the canteen. Xing didn't starring at him when eat, but Kann looks so care about when she's going back to class. Xing go bought her drink and Kann thought she was going back to class, actually she didn't. He can't decide anything before he ask his friends to go back class.

--the story to be continue on tomorrow [ I will write a story a week :) ]

-=-=-=-continue from last week -+-+- -+- -

Last Wednesday, they have an assembly and queue up at hall. Suddenly Kann looks like changes his mind line up at the first and look at Xing. When Xing saw him, she feels nervous and happy. After that day, she didn't saw him until Sunday. Xing feels so worry about him and keep ask his friends where is he went but no one knows. A week passed, Monday. Xing saw Kann came back to school, she looks very happy and she keep secretly looking at him. After recess, when Kann changes to another class and he looks at her from outside the window, Xing doesn't know that he will try and look at her.
Today, Wednesday. Kann doesn't looks at her again, he makes Xing so confuse about that. She trying to know him well but it's hard for she to talk to Kann, it was a sad case when this kind of things happened and she hope to see him later at centre.

Friday, June 29

Xing & Kann

This is a story about Xing & Kann, they are "friends". The "friends" that don't know each other, it's a weird thing happened in real life. Where should I start the story, uh mm.. okay.... (thinking) 

Three months before, Xing met Kann at a tuition centre. They never know about each other, and they just keep on silence. How they weird story started? Well. One day, The tuition teacher talked about Kann in class, she listened to the teacher and she pay attention at Kann from that day started. 

Three months later, Xing keep on starring at Kann. He feels so creepy, he was thought: "first time has a girl starring at me, what should I do?! Getting nervous and nervous!" but he didn't said it out, just keep quiet. The 1st semester was finished, has two weeks of holiday for them. Xing's friends asked Kann to hang out together. The day they hang out to have some lunch, movie and shopping. Maybe her friends do somethings that too obvious, make Kann misunderstanding that Xing like him. (yes, she loves him) After that, they go home themselves.

After the two week holidays passed, they met at school again. Two of them are not the same level, it may hard to bump up each other easily. However, Xing still starring at him like usual yet he didn't know about the true, but he started to escaping her after the thing happened on that day. This keep around two weeks, the girl almost cried out and she felt that she did wrong somethings but she don't dare to tell him. She keep asking her friends: "what should I do?". Her friends didn't know how to tell her to keep it like normal or just pretend that she didn't fall in love with him. At last, she confused for so long and she decide to keep it normal as usual. 

After a week, Xing saw Kann changed. What and when he changed was on Friday at centre, he stand at a place that no looks like he escaping her anymore. When Xing peek at Kann, he just peek at her too. Xing feels so weird, she don't know what happened to him. Changed suddenly, like nothing happened. She felt so happy that day, unless Friday. The next of few days, when they bump up, they look up to each other around 2 second, everytime they bump up. Thank god is Friday again, the centre is close today. They bump up each other at a class, actually that's not really bump up, just because Xing go and find the teacher that who teach them that time and  hand in the project to teacher then she saw him peek at her again. She was nervous and happy that time. It's enough for her to see him like this, she thought.

------- to be continued ------

This is the story about what they happened until today. Have a nice day! :)

Saturday, June 9

Paya Indah Wetland day trip :)

Early in the morning, I went out with my mother. First time I went to Paya Indah Wetland, Dengkil. When we reached, I saw a otter in front of the door. It looks so cute but it not really nice to people. WHY? it very afraid of people, and I don't know why it will be here alone, like it lost the way to back home or maybe it saw the door and it was thought it is the place it lives. HAHA! it living place has door? The place is nice, it give people feel comfortable and natural. We walk around the place and 1st, we feed the hippo. I'm so close to the Hippo, the distance like we talk to a friend or a person. Really close, I would like to touch hippo, but it looks like very dirty. haha. After that, we went to see crocodile. Crocodile's place so smelly, I cannot stand for the smell. The smell is more worst than you smell the faeces of animals. OMG! I took some photo at there.


photo view:
 you guys see, haha! it's cute! isn't?
AHH! Hippo open it big mouth! #Hippo says, I want to eat I am hungry!!!

 why am I took this photo for? It just like I felt the nature! :)
I took this when I'm lying under the tree! I love the feel
Looks sleepy under the shaded place, NICE & GOOD feeling!

That's! I really had a good day ever! I love NATURAL! 
I wish all of you will love it too. It's really worth, and you may feel the nature wind too. 

ஐEnjoy my blog, Thanks!ஐ

Friday, June 8

I'm back!

Hey guys! I'm here to apologize that I disappear for long long time. hehe!
How's my friends and reader? I'm fine here. Wish all of you have a nice day!

I'll continue to write my blog and share my life now. My happy, sad, crazy and illness  life! :)
Hope you guys will like it.

Sunday, May 20

姨婆 ♥

昨天,5月19日是我的生日。我不是要说我的生日能过得多好多开心,因为这不会比起我跟姨婆一起的日子更开心。我的姨婆,她却在昨天走了,为什么? 我知道你很辛苦,辛苦了那么多年。她坐着不能动,躺着不能动。记忆力也慢慢变浅了,她只记得以前的事。
为什么?! 不能再让她呆在这世界久一点呢? 上天不想让她再那么辛苦了吗? 我们都不知道。今年的新年,我看到她时候已经很辛苦了,我就是只能眼红红的看着她,说话给她听。她会回答我可是都听不清楚,看完她后,她的眼神样子都不想我们离开她。心真的很痛,可是她已离开我们了。
最后,我只能说: 姨婆,您安心上路吧! ♥

Thursday, December 15

Mid valley

hey! how's my reader? are my reader great?! :D
I went to Mid valley today, watched a movie. It was so nice - mission impossible. It was so irritate and real! 
After the movie, we go had some show flake. Yiiaak! It's so tasteless, I will not go there to eat anymore. 
Never finish the snow flake then went home. On the way back home, I saw a foreign guy. He's so hot and sexy!
I'm getting crazy, we smile to each other. L.O.L! I never do like this before, looks crazy and he looks friendly too.
Oh what?! I'm gonna to say about my day, but I just only write about him more than my day of outing. HA HA
I wish someday can meet him again. :D